Important information regarding the coronavirus pandemic

Dear customers of family doctors centers, Due to the coronavirus pandemic and an emergency situation declared by the goverment  we help our patients by phone and email and then decide the appointment

Sick leave lists please open via

Corona crisis tel 1247

In Emergency situations please call 112

Thank you for understanding.

Stage 2 of Ülemiste Health Centre is now open!

Everyone is welcome to visit the family doctors located on the 2nd floor of Ülemiste Health Centre and to order health tests in Synlab’s sample collection rooms.

Furthermore, starting from September you can have your eyes checked at Ülemiste City Eye Centre, and specialists at the Medemis dermatology clinic will be offering consultations and
services as of 16 September.

The x-ray office of Qvalitas will also be open for service in September-October.

Now you will be able to get all your x-ray examinations performed at Qvalitas and blood tests in Synlab’s sample collection room on the 2nd floor, and then you can head down to the 1st
floor to buy medicinal products from Benu pharmacy and grab a lovely bouquet from the Inglilill flower shop right across the pharmacy – for your convenience!

Everyone is welcome!

Ülemiste Health Centre at the Ülemiste City Community Day from 11:00 on Thursday 13 June 2019

For the first time you can now take part in the Ülemiste City Community Day at Ülemiste Health Centre, since Stage 1 of the complex has been open since the start of June.

We are here for the Ülemiste City community and indeed for everyone in the city, offering the services of the Benu pharmacy, family doctors and the Inglilill flower shop on the 1st floor at Valukoja 7 (entrance via the door on the car park side).

We look forward to seeing you at the health centre stand during Community Day. We can check your blood pressure to see whether it is within the norms, we can measure your lung capacity to ensure you breathe easily and we can weigh you and calculate your BMI. We will also be talking about health, exercise and balance between mental and physical well-being.

See you there!

Stage 1 of Ülemiste Health Centre is now open

Opening its doors in Ülemiste City is a smart health centre which boasts a team of experienced specialists from various fields of health care providing a wide range of high-quality, evidence-based medical care and primary family medicine services.

These services are aimed at both the smart city community and those from outside Ülemiste City. In addition to Estonian, the family medicine specialists who work here speak a number of other languages – among them Russian, English, Finnish, Norwegian and German.

Opening as part of Stage 1 in June is the 1st floor of the centre (on the car park side), where both the Pealinna Perearstid and Ülemiste Perearstid family doctor surgeries will be seeing patients. Also opening its doors will be Ülemiste City’s only pharmacy, Benu, offering a wide range of health and beauty products alongside traditional pharmacy products.

The 2nd floor of the centre will be opening as part of Stage 2 in September. This will include not only family doctors’ surgeries (Asklepios, Dr Riina Tomson and Ülemiste Perearstid) but also the Synlab health and genetic research laboratory, the Medemis clinic – whose experienced nurses and dermatologists will offer a personal approach to aesthetic medicine – and the Ülemiste City Eye Clinic, whose specialists will offer advice and conduct eye tests.

Joining the centre during Stage 3 in October will be the Qvalitas clinic, offering specialist medical care and functional diagnostics.

Opening in stages throughout 2019, Ülemiste Health Centre is located in the Karl Papello Building at Valukoja 7 in Ülemiste City, Tallinn. Karl (Carl) Papello (1890-1958) was the inventor of a significant number of optical and medical devices.