Stage 2 of Ülemiste Health Centre is now open!

Everyone is welcome to visit the family doctors located on the 2nd floor of Ülemiste Health Centre and to order health tests in Synlab’s sample collection rooms.

Furthermore, starting from September you can have your eyes checked at Ülemiste City Eye Centre, and specialists at the Medemis dermatology clinic will be offering consultations and
services as of 16 September.

The x-ray office of Qvalitas will also be open for service in September-October.

Now you will be able to get all your x-ray examinations performed at Qvalitas and blood tests in Synlab’s sample collection room on the 2nd floor, and then you can head down to the 1st
floor to buy medicinal products from Benu pharmacy and grab a lovely bouquet from the Inglilill flower shop right across the pharmacy – for your convenience!

Everyone is welcome!