Medemis is one of the first clinics in Estonia to deal exclusively with skin problems. Our experienced aesthetic nurses and dermatologists take a personalised approach to every client, determining the most suitable treatment for them. Redness, rosacea, pigmentation and acne are just some of the issues that are treated – and bested – by our specialists on a daily basis. Years of experience and the necessary qualifications ensure that clients achieve quick, risk-free, visible results.

In performing procedures, our specialists use high-tech equipment, the latest and most effective techniques and high-quality preparations. Medemis offers procedures to address a variety of problems: IPL (light therapy) and laser treatment, chemical peels, photoepilation, birthmark testing and removal of papillomas and corns.

Our goal is to improve the health of every client and thereby enrich their quality of life. The first step towards this is making an appointment with an aesthetic nurse, during which we work together to find the best solution for the health of your skin.

Medemis Clinic / Valukoja 7, II floor
Cabinet 201-203
Mon—Fri 8—18

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