Established in 1996, Qvalitas is one of the largest private medical centres in Estonia. Respected specialists from a wide range of fields consult and treat patients at the centre, including gynaecologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, physiotherapists and ear, nose and throat specialists. It is important to us that our patients find answers to their concerns as quickly as possible. To this end, we contribute to the development of treatment quality, the services we offer and customer service generally on a daily basis.

Our new centre in Ülemiste City will enable a variety of tests and analyses to be conducted on site. We can carry out medicals, take X-rays, perform ultrasounds, monitor your heart with a holter, run stress tests and perform a range of laboratory analyses.

Our health care service will help companies look after their employees in every way possible – by assessing risks, keeping an eye on mental health, conducting medicals, offering consultations, providing vaccinations and medical rehabilitation services and more.

We have the experience we need to serve both Estonian and international companies operating in a wide range of fields, from start-ups to heavy industry. We are constantly developing innovative, digital health care solutions, making our services more personal to every client and thereby reducing the administrative burden on the employer.