The Synlab medical laboratory is the largest of its kind in Estonia and also forms part of the biggest laboratory chain in Europe. It focuses on offering laboratory services to family doctors and specialists, hospitals, occupational health centres and other institutions linked to the medical sector. Each year the laboratory conducts more than 7 million analyses in Estonia, with around 5000 different analyses available. Synlab has two blood test rooms on the 2nd floor of Ülemiste Health Centre in which people can give blood for testing (including patients from the Ülemiste Health Centre with a referral from their family doctor) without registering in advance in order for a variety of tests to be carried out. Gift cards can also be purchased, and laboratory doctor’s consultations ordered. See the patient portal for more information.

SYNLAB Eesti / Valukoja 7, II floor
Mon—Fri 8—16 (blood tests)
Lunch break 12-12:30
Cabinet 229-230
Hotline: 17123 (Mon—Fri 8—18)